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Alhambra and Hamel Community Emergency Resources:
Bread of Life Food Pantry is the local food pantry that serves Alhambra, Hamel, and Worden plus other small, local communites in northeastern Madison County, Illinois.  The pantry is sponsored by the alliance and is located in the white building on the New Life Christian Fellowship grounds at 549 Cimarron, in Hamel.  For information contact Christy 618-799-8528 or Dave 618.656.4828.
Home | Contact Us | To Donate | Bread of Life Food Pantry | About Us
Fire Department/ Ambulance    
  Alhambra Fire Department - Emergency                   911
  Alhambra Fire Department - Non Emergency             618.488.3865

  Hamel Fire Department - Emergency                       911
  Hamel Fire Department - Non Emergency                 618.633.2205 
   Hamel Police - Emergency                                     911
  Hamel Police - Non Emergency                               618.633.2777
  Madison County Sheriff                                         618.692.4433
  Madison County State Police                                 618.346.3830
  Illinois State Police - Emergency                            618.346.3830
  Illinois State Police - Non Emergency                      618.346.3990
  Anderson Hospital                                               618.288.5711
  6800 State Route 162, Maryville, IL 62062

  Community Memorial Hospital                                618.635-2200
  400 Caldwell, Stauton, IL 62088

Alhambra Hamel Ministerial Alliance Resources:

Emergency Fund - sponsored by the four churches of the Alliance
The fund gives vouchers for emergency food, gas, and one night's lodging to the community and to travelers - especially those passing through the community on Inter State 55 and State Route 140.   See To Donate   Contact Us 
Alhambra Village
Village Hall               618-488-3505
Post Office                    618-488-7938

Abbott Ambulance of Illinois                 618-397-9111

Hamel Village
City Clerk / Water / Sewer / Community Bldg.618-633-2484
Mayor                618-633-2230
Post Office               618-633-2526

In case of emergency caused by power failure
these are our local cooling/heating centers

Alhambra - Township Hall
Hamel - Community Center
Worden - Fire Department
Livingston - Senior Citizen Center (Village Hall)
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